Black Coffee

Ill take my coffee black

Yea no cream

Thats  a pot of dream

wakes me up in the morning

keeps my boss from snoring

Brewed at home or thru a window

Starbucks, Tims, Dunkin anyone will do

You know what follows is my morning Po…….

So fill up my mug

Take my money

No I don’t want to try your tea with honey

So quit your witchin about my morning addiction

Drinking coffee black is my only conviction



The Best time

The best time is when I am with you

Alone just sharing each other

Not tangled up under the sheets

But laying next to each other like hot cakes on a plate

Your head on my chest so still and sweet

Your fragrance filling my nose getting stuck all over my cloths

We chat and we laugh

Time seeming to last forever

This time together couldn’t get any better

So lets take this next step and say I do

and make sure this last no short of forever


Lovers fight

A fight between lovers is like no other

Each knowing the other like the back of their hand

Each word cutting into your fondness of one another like that is the plan

Forgetting that this wasn’t part of the plan

There is no care in these words

No understanding in this anger

That jab about your mom

That punch about their drunk of a brother

Maybe that time they admitted they once were a cutter

Things will never be the same

You both will always remember this pain

If you remain together

Or run a part

Just know its good never to start

Agree to disagree and happily ever after you will always be




You get drunk at a bar

You get drunk on a plane

you get drunk trying to numb the pain

You can’t hide from your social media fame

Drunken calls

Stumble and falls

what used to work just now feeds the fire

 Your heart once full of desire

Now weak and beat down

You always are just wearing a frown

nothing seems to turn it upside down

So pour out your drink and get on your feet

Cause I will give you a hug

Thats better than any drug

And you will see me is all you will ever need



Not Friends

We were close and tight

We never had a need to fight

Going out living the dream

We were such a great team

But then you betrayed me unlike before

With a pain that I can’t bear no more

You stole my date

Cut me down and humiliate

I thought you were my friend

That one till the end

But now I can see it was all about you

and never about you and me

So this is then end

I bid you ado my so call friend

As I am worth more than you will ever know





My Tease

My girls a little tease

I guess it’s better then being a sleaze

she toys with my emotions

causing great commotions

Showing great devotion

But she pulls a way

leaving me a stray

I have nowhere to put my love this day

Because matters of the heart are nothing of play

So as I am worn down

On my head I dawn a crown

of sorrow and lust

my heart will soon now bust

and no longer trust

a woman nor man

no one I can

So I will wait and see where I land

So far from where we both began

And that is the universe’s great plan

Secret gifts

Temps falling

Gas bill rise

How did we make it through Christmas time?

Heating, water, and electric

All these bills hitting at the same dang time

I work work work that over time

will I ever see that family of mine?

All I know is to push on

It could be worse

Death famine or a witches curse

I am glad I have the one at home

So I can count on not being all alone


Finding a mate

Someone that can relate

When times are bad

When they are good

To hug you and hold you like they should

Meeting at cafes and parks

Telling your friends where your at

Making sure your parents don’t fret

Meeting loser after loser

The pain of being alone

Become worse every time you pick up your phone

Happy friends and people around

But you can’t seem to shake this lonely frown

But what is this unlikely match that you find

In a person whose face seems so kind

You have found one to hold and cherish you dear

Your quest of swipe dating has come to an end it is clear

Love and hate

I love you

I hate you

I can’t separate the two

one moment you’re pissing me off

The other im tongue tied and my eyes are getting lost

You treat me like a meal ticket

You know I don’t mind if you just let me hit it

You will never comprehend what it means to me when I say girlfriend

Always pulling some stunt and make me think this is just a dead-end

Im just gonna take a quick break and grab a beer with my friends